Alleia Skin

The inspiration for my Alleia Skin line came from a legend I heard while in Italy traveling and researching for what would become the most exquisite of all skin care lines. Alleia Skin by Elizabeth Harris was inspired by this captivating story about the most beautiful of all sea sirens.

Alleia dwelt with the other sea sirens on the beautiful Italian island of Anthemosessa in the Mediterranean Sea. Legend tells us that Alleia had an exceptionally pure heart, and beauty that reflected the wondrous treasure and powers of the sea itself. She had a strong will, a beautiful active spirit, and the desire to help others uncover their own beauty, and feel their absolute best.

According to legend, Alleia was the only siren to leave the island, and swim the Mediterranean Sea, arriving in the foothills of Italy. From there, she made her way to the majestic mountains of Trentino, and the waterfall called Care Alto. It was here that Alleia lived and discovered five natural streams, each containing a variety of minerals that contributed to amazing skin. Word spread about Alleia and her streams, and women who desired beautiful skin would travel from miles around to use the water and minerals from these streams. The water would amazingly transform tired, age-defined skin into a true masterpiece of rejuvenation.

Alleia’s story and legendary beauty captivated me, and like Alleia herself, I want you to experience a skin care line with some of the purest and richest ingredients on earth. The minerals of Alleia’s waters were of the highest purity, just as the ingredients in my skin care line. I am pleased and proud to introduce you to Alleia Skin by Elizabeth Harris.