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Labella e Famosa Spa

The inspiration for Alleia came from a legend I heard while in Italy researching what would become the most exquisite of all skin care collections. Alleia Skin by Elizabeth Harris was inspired by the captivating story of the most beautiful of all sea sirens.

Legend has it that Alleia and her sister sirens lived on the beautiful Italian island of Anthemusa, thought to be Capri, off the coast of Italy. Alleia was an unusual siren in that she was unsurpassed in beauty but also had an exceptionally pure heart. Her strong willed nature and active spirit lead her to help other sirens uncover their own beauty.

According to legend Alleia left the island and swam the Mediterranean Sea eventually arriving on the southern shore of Napoli. Once there she made a long journey to the majestic mountains of Trentino and the waterfall called 'Carè Alto'. It was in Carè Alto that Alleia discovered five natural streams, each one posessing precious minerals that contribute to good health and beauty. Word spread quickly about Alleia and her streams. Women desiring beautiful skin would travel for days to use the waters of these streams. These powerful waters transformed all who used them into a masterpiece of youthful rejuvenation.

Alleia's story and legendary beauty captivated me, and like Alleia and those who sought her wonderful streams, I want you to rediscover your own unique beauty. Alleia Skin by Elizabeth Harris contains mineral rich water from the hills of Italy plus a host of indigenous botanical extracts that I've hand selected for purity and effectiveness. Like Alleia and her magical waters you'll be inspired and transformed by this exquisite collection that proudly shares her name.